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Freelance Flutter Engineer • Ex-Engineering at Google Cloud India

Application Engineering? What’s that? 💼

Talking you through my journey & experience of participating and winning in Code for Good 2020

❔ Intro to JPMC’s Code for Good



Data Structures & Algorithms?

Learn how to implement a customized Alert Dialog / Popup in Flutter.


Learn about what is Go Lang & how to get it up and running on your Windows, Mac or Linux systems.

What exactly is Go Lang?

Why use Go Lang? +1’s of GoLang?

Learn how to build a mobile app featuring a Google Map using the Flutter SDK.


Learn about what Google has introduced in the latest Flutter release.

Upgrading to Flutter 1.9

Learn about how to get Git up and running on your system along with the best industry practices using SourceTree.

What is a Version Control System?

Do we developers really need VCS?

Learn how to use Cupertino style (iOS) to make apps in Flutter


Learn how to connect your Flutter app with Cloud Firestore and update the database in real-time


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