Getting Started with Tech for Beginners


Let me try to answer it by taking some relevant programming fields in context.


  1. Data Structures & Algorithms
  2. Competitive Programming
  3. Web / App Development
  4. Machine Learning / Computer Vision

Let’s talk about them descriptively one by one.

Data Structures & Algorithms?

In Data Structures you learn about the syntax and possible ways of structuring your data in different forms while in Algorithms you get to know the hustle part of mental work where you write procedural steps to solve a specific problem.

There are plenty of resources available online for learning DSA, I would recommend to pick up a dedicated regular class or a course. There are various benefits of joining a program, and the most important ones are regularity & mentor support.

Relevant Resources:

Competitive Programming?

You can start with Competitive Coding right after you have gained knowledge of basic Data Structures. There are various platforms available online. I would recommend going with Codeforces and CodeChef.

Relevant Resources:

Web / App Development?

You can choose any of the frameworks available online, there are tons of them. I use Flutter for App Development and ReactJS for Web Development. These are the prettiest framework I have worked with till now.

Relevant Resources:

Machine Learning / Computer Vision?

If you are in college, Machine Learning or Computer Vision might give you an upper hand in placements but might not get you placed all alone. I would recommend limiting Machine Learning to the extent you feel it’s gonna add up to your career.

Relevant Resources:

Mantra to success?

Here’s how goals could look like:

A Long Term Goal

A Short Term Goal

ProTip: Having prior experience in form of internships adds a bit of weight to your resume when applying for full-time roles.


💻 Application Engineer Intern at Google

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