Understanding Version Control Systems: GitHub Simplified with SourceTree

Learn about how to get Git up and running on your system along with the best industry practices using SourceTree.

What is a Version Control System?

Do we developers really need VCS?

Which Version Control is best for you?

Pros & Cons of Git Version Control

Pros of using Git

Cons of using Git

Setting up Git

Reasons for choosing SourceTree

Installing SourceTree

Logging in to SourceTree
Connecting extra accounts

Connecting to GitHub

Add GitHub account

Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner Commands

PowerUser Tips

Git CheatSheet

Git CheatSheet | Credits Atlassian

SourceTree Shortcuts

SourceTree Dark Mode

SourceTree Dark Mode

Push with Commit

Push with Commit

SourceTree QuickAccess Menu


Faster Repository Search

Faster Repository Search

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